Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UD20015


I bought it as a quick replacement for my $ 250 eureka, which died just a year later. Let me just say right from the gate that it’s a big vacuum cleaner that does not work well here. This thing costs about 50 dollars (or less – paid 39 dollars for the mine). It seems to me that people compare this with Dyson, and what not. What do you expect from $ 50?


The first impression was that I received a toy vacuum from Fisher Price. This is the size of the child. Reminds me of the little lawn mower you give to the children. Easy assembly. People who have problems with their pooling, there are people who probably have problems with any coordinated hand movement, for example, by opening a door or using a fork / spoon.


A lot of. This tiny vacuum is a beast. The same amount of energy as in a vacuum in the range of $ 100-200. He pulled the stuff out of my carpet, which was supposed to be there for many years, missed my Eureka. Without loss of power after six months. I have a small house. Only two rooms and a corridor are covered with carpets. I use my own in the bedroom where my parrot lives. His vital task is to throw out of the cage as much food as he can. The food he spends can feed at least three more birds. A daily vacuum cleaner is mandatory. This thing gets all the crumbs (it eats a cable-like tableted food), small feathers and all its “parrot dust”. No problems.


I vacuum a large room about 3 times a week (should do this daily, but I’m lazy). The canister is small, but it still takes about 2 weeks before it needs to be emptied. One reviewer said that it needs to be emptied after one use in one room. If you do not live in absolute mud and wretchedness, it’s just not true. If so, you should not even look at $ 50. Get a street cleaners or zamboni or something like that.


It’s strong enough. Remember, you paid for this before you start complaining. The quality is good (or better) by any other Chinese device worth $ 50 that you bought.

Bells and whistles:

No one. Just two small and simple applications that work quite well.


Long enough to get around the big room. Not long enough to sweep the houses of your nearest neighbors.


It’s loud. This is VACUUM CLEANER. What do you expect? Other things that sound loud: jet engines, guns, children with a bad manner, etc.

Who should buy:

The average people who hold reasonable expectations and want something of a very light weight, are very inexpensive, very powerful, compact and easy to store. A wonderful holiday for the apartment.

Who should not buy:

It’s unreasonable, it’s impossible to please people who expect the quality, capabilities and power of Dyson’s highest level for $ 50. In addition, shelters for animals, zoos and heavy production problems.

Bottom Line:

If you want to spend less than $ 100, this is the one you need to get.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Breeze Cyclonic Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum UD70105

I bought it as an inexpensive temporary solution, until I could afford such a popular brand that I had for 28 years, which cost $ 300, and was a workhorse until its engine burned down. I also have a canister DD Breeze (without a power head), which I used for those areas that can not be vertically reached, and it works well for about 5-6 years, so I decided that I can at least trust the motor straight. After using the vertical Dirt Devil Breeze once, I decided that if it does not continue until I had a right, I do not care! lol! I would prefer to buy one of them every 5 years, if necessary, although at the moment I expect that it will have a longer service life if it is properly used. As many reviewers said. After the first run over the carpet, which was almost vacuumed for almost a month, and it was created with dirt and hair from two cats and my own kneeling hair, he proved himself very well.

Dirt Devil Vacuum


Cons – the guide offers images too small to clearly understand; it does not contain a lot of information, and then again includes information not relevant to the model obtained. I struggled to understand how to collect it, until I postponed the manual and looked at the image on the box and did not use my common sense. The manual that I received also mentions a way to rotate the “height adjustment knob” on the front of the head to raise or lower for different levels, but my model does not have such a handle (no problem for me, as I will use one setting at a copper height , anyway). The part of the cradle that holds the hand power tool is very hard to fix – it probably took the longest, but now it’s on and it will not come off. The only annoying thing so far is a small clip that holds the power cord at the top of the handle so that the cord is not dragged directly to the floor, it does not hold the cord very well (maybe the operator’s habit and can be solved with new habits or a small piece of adhesive tape .)

Pros – the word “easy”! Easy and easy maneuver, even in narrow corners. Previously, I used a preliminary vacuum with my DD Breeze cans with a floor tool (without a brush) to get “hard” areas, for example in a sewing room where there are several thread flows a few days and where I sit or walk a lot to pick up my hair lost, to prevent the vertical brush bar from being clogged and locked. With this DD Breeze in vertical position, I only need to pull the hose and give these sites a quick napkin, until it starts working with the power head. After evacuating the room, I had complete mud, which could easily be emptied, and the filters were easily removed and rinsed. Of course, the bar still had long hair, but it was easy enough to remove, simply because they are light enough to easily roll over without problems and compress with scissors – something we with long hair should do often or buy a lot of belts . 😉 (Proposal for footman engineers: please create a model with quick access to the scissors to reach on each side of the bar where long threads of threads and hair accumulate – hope you are listening to Dirt Devil.)


The price is so right that even if it will last a very short time, I seriously think that the price was worth what was worth only today’s heavy catching cleaning – and I have not even tried a little electric tool yet! Inspect the sofas, here I am! 🙂